Friday, October 28, 2005

random memes

G'day. Davo sent me along t' fill up the space while 'e thinks o' sumthin' t' write. 'E reckons 'e's busy, but I think 'e's a bit tired. Plus the fact that 'e's one of those dorks oo spends a lot of time thinkin' before 'e writes sumthin', then spends a long time tryin' t' figure out where t' put the commas an' colons (I ast 'im what 'e wuz doin' once, and 'e told me 'e wuz doing a colonectomy. I din get it.) Then 'e gets worried about a word an' goes orf fer hours lookin' in the dikshuny and terrorsaurus.. so much so that most of what 'e writes spends so much time in the Drafts that they catch new-moania an' die a dustbin sort of death.

Hey, has anyone seen one of those big circular thingos called a Tuit? Davo sez he's going t' get a round Tuit one day, but I ain't seen one yet.

Anyways, Davo wuz tellin' me that 'e wuz lookin' at Barista a while back, an' they wuz trying t' figure out what a group of Bloggers could be called when they get tergether fer a bittuva chat an' grog up .. y'know, like 'gaggle of geese' or 'convocation of eagles'. Davo reckons they should be called a 'memerandom of bloggers'. I told 'im that dint spell right, an' 'e said "nah, meme random .. get it?" I dint get it, dunno what a "meme" is.

There are lots of little ideas an' themes that are picked up and followed by bloggers, apparently. Like one where somebody write the first paragraph of a short story, then someone else writes the next. Or where y' type "your name needs" into the Google box an' see wot pops up. Wombat needs .. to produce alarm instances (umm, thinkin' about that),to grow, water, sharp claws, your cash (oh?) an' Davo needs .. a good wallop (Oh yeah?), his car (durn tootin'), to see a shrink (nah, been there, done that), olive oil (the mind boggles), your monetary help (yer, don't clap, throw money .. heh heh) (google must be psychic).

Was sittin' round a campfire with a couple of cobbers an' a bottle of rum a while back, an' one of 'em came up with wot 'e called "The oddball Alphabet". Dunno whether 'e heard it from somewhere, or just made it up. Anyway, we kicked it around a bit and came up wiv the bit that follows. Now, I can't remember some of the letters. So mebbe some of you eddificated littoral people will be able t' help. Technically the 'connectors' should all be the same .. either 'for' or 'fer', but I've mixed em up a bit so that they make sense. Fill in the blanks .. or come up wiv some new ones. Y'll get the idea as y' go along.

A is for Horses
B for Mutton
C fer Yourself
D fer Kate
E fer Brick
F fer Vescense
G fer Police
I fer Novello
L fer Fairy (Troll, Goblin?)
M fer Semia
O fer There
R fer Sixpence
S fer Williams
T fer Gums
U fer Mism
V fer La France
X fer Breakfast

Have fun, Wombat Wol.


Peter said...

Some pretty amateurishtries at the blank ones, I didn't try to improve on your examples.

H for stuffed if I know.
Jfor birds like currawongs
Kfer black south africans. ( not very PC)
Nfer you're wrong.
P for relief.
Q for tickets
W for greedy rams
Z for yourself (Zee)

Davo said...

yer Peter, thanks. I don't get J or H, had K in mind (but left it out:-), could also be N fer a Penny, I like P and Q .. took me a while to figure out your W .. heh heh. well done.

Tony said...

No, no, C is for Thighlanders.

Davo said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for visiting my blog, but this one is far too subtle for me. I could make a case for "Thighsliders", but Thighlanders sounds as if one has to jump from the bedhead. In this particular case I could say that 'C is for Fishermen, or C is for Sailors' - but adding the "is" alters the (albeit hazy) rules and makes it difficult to think up something for the rest of them.

Davo said...

Update: after a bit of research .. welll, prompting from the author .. will add
"C for Thighlanders", and give it a Gold Star. (Thanks Tony)