Tuesday, September 06, 2005

erk! am under attack

ummm, dunno what's gone wrong with my computer. Am under attack by multitudes of emails containing worms, Firefox doesn't remember anything ie all bookmarks and settings have vanished, Netscape email system thinks I'm a new user and have to set up all accounts, .. even Blogger doesn't remember this computer. Thankfully PCcillin is neutralising the emails.

Will not be responding to anything until I can get this sorted out .. which won't be easy for someone who still thinks in terms of pencil and paper.

I 'think' I can still receive emails, but am not sure. Am unsure what's causing this, but it all started when I 'registered' my email address with 'Bravenet' when looking for a 'counter'.


Crystal said...

that would be 'pride comes before a fall'
same thing happened to me after I registered somewhere for a Driver Update - big mistake. It's a jungle out there in the ethernet.

Davo said...

mm, Crystal.. 'pride'. dunno about that. this 'blog' began as something else.. a letter to my son, no-one else, then it became sort of 'political'. Then have noticed that other people 'notice'.. am not quite sure how to handle that. However, am learning, slowly.