Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ye Gods!

Written some time ago, somewhere in the 80’s, when I was an angry and callow youth. Computers were just beginning to make an impact in the rest of society, and we were being forced to conform to “the Numbers”. Do not spike, spindle or fold, fill in the little square boxes, live in the little square boxes, remember your 6, 7, 8 digit number, print clearly, Artistry or individuality NOT ALLOWED!


When Luddites lost, industry created
Pea soup smog and acid rain.
When humans lost, the world created
Central control, atrophied brain.
While Muslims rant and Christians wail,
There are new seekers of the Holy Grail.
Unknown by most, unseen by all,
A new religion is rising tall.
Content with being nursed,
Content to be coerced
We bend our knees, kowtow and dip
To the Great God Silicon Chip.

On looking at it now, I could, perhaps, substitute “bill gates” for “the world” on line 3. Some things haven't changed.

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