Thursday, March 08, 2018

Revisting history

Um, will be returning to my 'roots' on or around April 25th this year(more or less) - was not born there - but if one counts our 'formative years' - age five to twelve - this is where i began.

... /wiki/Parndana/  South Australia (and no, somehow can no longer ;copy 'n' paste from this laptop).

Never too old to learn ...

... or should that be - never too old to attempt and try to comprehend multiple "error messages" while learning to transition between computers - one laptop with Windows 7 Howhile yes,me premium - bought about seven years ago ..... aaaand ....

And one new 'super computer black box" with Windows 10!!!  Arrrgh!

At this point a/. am trying to comprehend the differences between Win 7 and 10 ...
and somewhat non-plussed to find that everything, now, is 'online' or has to be 'aggregated'.

In other words, everything Windows has to be "connected" - as with Gollum Gurgle.

Why can't i simply operate my desktop computer - at home - disconnected from the "internet"??
Even the 'help' files have to be accessed 'online". (and any local comprehensible coherent computer "tech" person is located about 150klm away, and reluctant to discuss problems on the phone).

Once upon a time ... some 10, 15 years ago - when i first encountered the "internet" did, actually set up several "usernames' and associated "passwords" and - since i thought that some sort of "security" - except that i couldn't remember most of them - so printed them out and taped them all to the wall above my desk. (on the assumption that while they were 'visible' - someone would have to 'break in' to my house, smash the doors or windows - leaving, hopefully, physical evidence of "break and enter").

These days ???? have no idea. Apparently my computer "security" is controlled by Microsoft and/or Google. No, i do not have (or have so far avoided) any indentifiable presence on FarceBook or Twatter. But the personal information I have to supply to Microsoft and Google is becoming uncomfortable.  Do i trust them ??? NO.

Oh, well, can, at least, still walk to the local pub; share information without TWO "BIG BROTHERS" delving into my personal files and memories ... meh.

Friday, February 02, 2018

the super close, blue red blood moon

Nah ... too cloudy overcast this time.
Not to worry - have pics of the previous one - if interested.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

O, a new born child

Oy, females .. settle - am writing about my recent, hi-speed, yubeauty ... COMPUTER!!!

Sheesh, it is like a newborn child. Knows how to breathe ...

Yep, frustrating when have been on Windows, Guorgles, internet for more years than Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ... and espepecially Mark Zuckerberberg has been alive ...
And am finding that NONE of their supercomputer algorithms actually recognise ME ...
on a different computer.

Meh ... am beginning to feel like a 'stateless' Refugee ... in the country i was born in!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Bot gead ye

Not dead yet.
Oh, oops forgot my specs ... one of these days will learn to 'touch type'.

,, And a Merry and Cheery to all  ...
in these uncertain times.

Sheesh, was trying to have a chat with a 'millennial' female ..
Erk; have you heard of the Korean war?
Mf; O, kim whatsis.
Me; No; the one before today.
Mf; O, Kim Kardashian!
Me; May your gods preserve you in your ignorance.
Mf; Fuck off, silly old pervert.

Ah, made that up .. So, what else is new ... or "newsworthy"?
Um, last year was 'charged' with the 'criminal offense' of 'misusing' a motor vehicle.
Um, think i, rang legal aid for options, explained the situation.
They told me to contact the Police Prosecution Unit for the "apprehension report".
plead 'guilty' ?? Why? Was never 'apprehended'.
If you plead 'not guilty' it will be transferred to a higher court - and you do not have enough witnesses on your side.
Um; ok.
???? think i ... was never "apprehended". Two very aggro policemen turned up on my doorstep at 6.30 pm  - two weeks after the so-called 'offence' and handed me a document 'banning' me from the pub for three days- dated two weeks ago ???

The next i know about this 'so-called' criminal offense is three weeks later - when i was  halfway to somewhere else. message on my phone .. Am at your place - your vehicle has been clamped (under setion [garbled] of the South Australian criminal code [section... garble garbl]... for 28 days.

(in the interest of facts here ... will have to say that the local plod knows me and sort of managed to clamp the wheels of one of my 'inoperable' vehicles).

Neverthe less .. still had to turn up in a magistrates Court (170klm round trip?) some months later.

First time in my life. Never made any claim on insurance. Never ... er, well ; for the past 45 years put so much as a dent in anyone elses motor vehicle  .. and here's me accused of the 'criminal offence' - aka "misuse of a motor vehicle" ... erk.

Um.  And here's me - a sort o scuffy knockabout .. thinks ..
Weeel ... i do have a white shirt parked away ... somewhere from a past life ... so; where is my 'sports coat - circa 1970'!   Oh, look; hidden in the pocket of that coat are two ties - both silk Givenchy.
Um; do i remember the 'windsor knot'?

Apparently yes. After sittting that Court for three hours or so waiting for my 'case' .. watching the 'mandatory' six month loss of licence for a mere 0 .001 over the whatever the mandatory Statute is about blood alcohol - at this point of time ... began to worry.

However ... after listening to the police prosecution persons half hearted reading of the typed version of whatever the local plods thought - based on the witness statement of the local barperson ..

The magistrate sort of .. OK : no criminal conviction: no loss of licence: - $200.00 fine - plus $160.00 Victims of crime levy.

Which i thought fair enough ...
But have never attended the Public Bar of any local Pub - since then.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

O ... apparently i have to buy a new calender.

Is this Julian - or whatsoever year .... was this midsummer --- or midwinter ??
Is January .. the season of Janus???

 Was Janus ever in Australia?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Odd, really, December 25th happens every year ..

DUH ...
though the concept - the REALITY ;; may not be the same for All.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

No real reason ..

Hello ... was merely pottering around the Internet looking for something else

Then found this ... erk ... had almost forgotten.
On the other hand, might want to inform my long term readers that was requested by teh
"Roads and Traffic Authority" to present my self to the nearest Medical Clinic for a 'check up'.
Apparently those who are authorised to hold a mere "motor vehicle"Divers license (weight dependent) do not have to turn up at a medical clinic after age 70. OOer.

 However ... it seems that "motorcycle " licences require me to turn up at the Doc's.
Have to say that passed with flying colours .. 'normal' blood pressure .. 'blood sugar' at 5 ..
'Eyesight' ... ah; while i "passed" the medical test for drivers who do not need 'eyesight assistance'- (glasses) for driving - or riding a motorcycle - on South Australia roads ..

Did find that the bottom two lines of 'eyesight test letters' were a grey blur.